About Bookshelves

Bookshelves are graveyards. It frightens me every time I enter a library. And it scares me seeing more and more magicians posting pics of them in front of their library. In front of books. Why?

Bookshelves are graveyards of ideas. Books are containers for zombies. Zombies are neither dead nor living.

Seems humanity invented books to house the zombies, which are (or were) ideas, concepts, history, documented proof of human mental efforts, and a lot of other useful stuff safely, and for eternity–hidden in books.

When the pages are closed, and the books in its proper place on the bookshelf, everything is perfect, and that zombies are safely hidden. Until someone takes a book out, opens it and reanimates and cares for that zombie, they are buried it in the pages. Forever.

A proactive way of reanimating zombies back to life, where they can be again amongst the living, would be to, as a first step, just to take the books out of the shelves and discover the zombies.

Make some notations, scribble into them, maybe put some Post-it’s into them. They should stand out from the crowd on the shelf. Make them a reality in your life. Incorporate them into your thinking and performances. Make them feel happy again, for their second (or first?) chance to live.

It is all about studying, understanding, growing and, finally, extracting knowledge. And then, putting that knowledge into practice.

Make the zombies come alive again! Not building graveyards in your home and displaying them proudly. Stop posting images of your soberly sorted and designed graveyards (bookshelves).

I am not giving any like for someone posting his bookshelf. I am not applauding you, showing me your collection of zombies. I would be impressed if you showed me what you do to resurrect them, and what you did to make them look beautiful again in their new life.

Look at what Mark Elsdon does with these zombies. He cares for them and even transforms them into gems. By just making the effort to collect them and reminding us of them. They are called Hidden Gems now, no longer zombies.

I care to see what you do to them. Show me (and others).