Jay Sankey Rules

I consider Jay Sankey one of the most creative magicians we have on this planet in this time. No matter what presentational style he chooses to enter at any given time (I don’t care for that too much, the effects he creates are far more important to me), or whether some of his creations are in an experimental state. There is so much good stuff he put out that it’s frightening. It’s fresh, it’s offbeat, it’s modern and fun to read, experiment, and perform.

When reading the three volume set of Jay Sankey’s work (The Definitive Sankey — one of the best buys you can make), one thing stroke me, and he is absolutely right with this.

Here is the lesson: If you dive into his world of magic, you will readily see that Jay uses the same few techniques (there aren’t too much of them) for a lot of his routines: Hofzinser Spread Cull, Erdnase Color Change, Necktie Second, Double Undercut, Shuttle Pass, Tenkai Pinch, False transfer, and so on.

If you examine it, he uses these same sleights to produce a myriad of different looking effects. He uses them in a clever and sometimes offbeat manner.

I heard some magicians complain about this, saying the sleights are overused and boring. Well, I don’t think so. The sleights are well chosen, tested in real-world performance conditions hundreds of times. And they have proven their efficiency.

I think this is a clever, professional, efficient and practical way to solve most of the problems in the construction of magical routines. The additional benefit is that by concentrating on a select few techniques, you gain confidence and ease in performance.

If we would adapt his approach in our own work, I am sure we would have a lot of more fun doing magic for real audiences.

Jay Sankey rules!

P.S.: Jay, in case you read that — you can give me my freebies for that plug! ;-)