Linking Pins Finale

I love to perform the Linking Pins. A miniature version of the Linking Rings, this always registers strong in close-up. With a minimum of (natural) props a maximum of effect. I like tricks of that nature.

I used the Jerry Andrus Linking Pin set for many years, but also the Gaetan Bloom method or the classic approach with the soft pin. Whatever you use, try this approach to give the routine an ending.

I carry the pins, along with some twenty different sized pins in a purse. In an identical purse, I carry duplicates of the smaller pins, linked into a chain. Put the purses into the pockets so you know where each one is.

Bring out the purse with the normal pins, open it, and dump the content onto the table. The spectators will see a bunch of loose, different sized pins. Search for the Andrus Pins, saying that “we are going to use the biggest pins I have there.” Push aside the Andrus Pins and put all the other small pins back into the purse which you close and put back into the pocket. Now perform your favourite Linking Pins routine.

For the finale, remove the other purse (with the linked pins). No one will notice this bold ‘switch’ of the purses at this stage of the routine. Open it and pretend that you are going to place the Andrus Pins back into it. Look into the purse, mime some surprise and dump the content onto the table. Apparently, the loose pins in the purse have linked together in the meantime. Put all back into the purse and you are done. A nice and surprising finale to the Linking Pins routine.