My Wacky Old Brain

I chose this title because I read that the headline is important, as well as to create click baits. So I tried my best to do so.

The topic of this article is a method that enables me (with the least effort of mine, of course) to

1. Keep my wacky old brain from rusting.

2. Create new magic ideas.

3. Have some occupation for the day that makes sense.

Sounds interesting? It is, trust me. The “method is as simple as it could be, but it uses an advanced technique to stimulate the brain, without you noticing it. It is fun, because it is playful, and it was popularised by Vera F. Birkenbihl. She called her method the “ABC-method”. Google it and study it. It’s not complicated.

It’s (as all good things) simple: you write the letters of the alphabet on a paper at the left margin. Now you choose any topic and start to find words that relate to the topic. Ideally, you can fill all the letters with words, multiple words for a letter are allowed.

In no time, you will have a massive collection of thoughts assembled. The method works perfectly in combination with the mind mapping method.

The ABC-method is perfect to:

Enter a topic.

Explore a topic.

Solve problems with a topic.

Find ideas for a topic.

The principle behind is that the brain, when challenged, will start to search in the darkest corners for information that is stored there already. It has to, because you gave him the order to go out and find. It will even create some new ideas if nothing else is found. One of the best methods to explore the brain, and one of the best methods to get the brain doing the work with a kick in the a**. A worker.

I try to make it a habit to do one daily, or a few a week, at least. It’s sort of like solving crossword puzzles, but is more worthwhile for your magic than those. I use the think cards to remind me to do one daily (I don’t succeed every day).

It is fun, and it brings the results you want: more ideas, and a better understanding of a given problem.

Fell free to use it for other topics in life, too. ;-)