The Big Chance

Seeing the stuff the big online magic companies are offering to their (mostly young) audience, triggers some critical thoughts.

In the modern magic industry, we see all the Hollywood-style video clips, all the perfect merchandising, all the well thought out public relations. We are offered “killer routines”, stuff that makes people gasp in amazement, makes them stunned, and so on. All devastating killer stuff, all stuff that will transform the customer into a superhero.

All fine, and they prove they are industry leaders, and it is working, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. They know how to operate the business, and they certainly know how to operate the customers.Sometimes, they sell basic stuff, often under a new name, to people who simply don’t know. Sometimes they sell totally unnecessary things, stuff that doesn’t work well in front of real audiences, or stuff that is obviously pipe dreams. In these times, quite a few creations are just created for the market, to have something ‘new’ to sell. Hypes and trends that are created on purpose, or happen to emerge. Stuff is created for the sole purpose of getting them to buy.

For someone new into magic, everything is fascinating and almost everything makes a lasting impression. Especially the things one sees first when entering a new arena. Being exposed (as a beginner!) to the vast amount of information, and all the seducing video trailers, is overwhelming. The temptation and desire to get that same hyper audience reactions is what many of the newcomers is what they aspire. Because they haven’t read the books, lack the historical knowledge, and they don’t have the experience. They simply don’t have the overview, the big picture in the beginning.

There is a big chance for all the big magic companies to educate their young audiences, and not just poke at the $5.00 or $10.00 they have at their Paypal accounts. Here is a real chance to lead the new generation. To help transform them into magicians who know about the art, the history and all the other things that are important for a healthy grow as a magician.

Just as the old-time brick and mortar shops did with a beginner: guiding, helping and encouraging. And that sometimes meant saying ‘no’ to a wanted purchase and instead offering a book or something that helped the aspiring magician to progress and growth on a solid foundation.

And — the “you can do that the moment you watched this video” should stop.

Magic can’t be performed right after watching a video.

Thinking, endurance, patience, and practise ARE necessary.