The Book Without Words

There are so many things that are distorted in our magical society. We are on a race to the bottom, but the many don’t seem to care, ignore it on purpose, or simply haven’t noticed. It is difficult to find a way to address people and point out things that went into the wrong direction, and, at the same time, being “politically correct”.

Part of the problem is the ever present political correctness that limits us in pointing out facts, to use plain language, and describe things as they are. Add the fact that most people simply are not interested in serious irregularities, nor in how to put an end to a deplorable state of affairs, and you’ll see how difficult it is to get a critical message across. Especially in a small niche like the magic society, populated with some very strange individuals (I know, I am one of them).

With this booklet, I tried to address some of these things. I took the satire approach, because I believe humour is a strong weapon and an elegant way to tell the truth, without insulting or annoying people. Therefore, it is a fun read, but, still, it points out certain things (at least, how I see them). Like Chris Wasshuber wrote: “The truth is delivered as a satire, which makes it a fun read, but at the same time delivers a profoundly deep and true message”. Decide on your own.

Readers of my blog can get it for free: I intended this manifesto to be free for all, but, if you like to support me, then order it at, or in my own shop. I really appreciate your efforts to support my writing activities. An interesting and creative book test is included in the manuscript, so you don’t have to deal with my ramblings exclusively, and have a reason to justify the purchase. ;-)

I am aware that this will polarise people (it was my intent), but hopefully, it will also start the discussion, and (maybe) there will be a change in thinking and action in our beloved magic society.

I hope so, and I am not really convinced yet. But it was worth the try, and fun to write, at least.

P.S.: recently I discovered an interesting read, concerning the political correctness: Seems like I am not the only one, and in good company. An interesting site, by the way. ?