The Grass is Always Greener There

If we give new magicians the “inside” addresses on the Internet and the addresses of the important companies, then their progress will be fast. They will know a lot of things in a very short time. They will be able to accomplish a couple of things without sleight-of-hand, and get instant gratification from audiences (and peers).

They will get connected to the “fraternity, ”, to the “magic scene”, or even “the underground” very quickly. They discover the power of YouTube magic tutorials, or tuts, as they are called, and so they start to become “experts”. At least, theoretically.

But then, not long after that, they will start to feel unhappy. The exposure to the stuff some real experts do will make them feel smaller than in the beginning. They start to realise that there are some beasts out there that can do stuff they don’t know, and that nobody can teach them. They start to listen and be aware of the other magicians’ narratives about “this-and-that” and the “famous so-and-so”, and they start to feel jealousy creeping up.

They start getting jealous about this or that move, technique, DVD, gimmick, or whatever. Or the success another has. Or his/her ability or skill. Then, they start to feel inferior. Many of them drop out of magic even quicker than they entered. Many talents go south because of the lack of proper tuition. It is sad.

We are directed by the things others narrate rather than our own thoughts, efforts, and experiences. The newest trick/sleight/gimmick must be good, because so-and-so has told us. We think we have to be up-to-date and need the newest thing. To be someone within our magical society, to be accepted by the peers.

Somehow, we always seem to think the grass is greener over there.

But it is not. Let’s look at what we have here in our own little garden and care for that. Let’s plant the seeds by reading the right books, practising the right stuff, and try our best to perform it humbly and well.

It is nice, green grass as well.

And it is our grass.