The Journal (1)

The following articles are about how to create a journal (or log book). A few magic friends have asked me, apparently the many blogs about the bullet journal and its techniques used weren’t enough for them to start their journal.

But it is understandable, because in magic we have to deal with some more complex things. So I would like to venture an experiment in which you can easily join in. I will set up a logbook/bullet journal/notebook with you just for your magic—step by step. Tons of additional real life tips included.

My journal, which I have kept for years, is a combination of a calendar, an idea collection, a notebook and a practice journal. It records my magical development as a whole, so to speak. The best thing about it is that everything can be found in one place, which saves time and searching when practising or working.

What do you need? Well, actually almost nothing! A big, simple notebook, pencil and ruler and you’re ready to go.

Leuchtturm1917 Notizbuch A4+ Master Classic schwarz liniert | online kaufen
I use the large Din A4+ notebook from Leuchtturm1917, because it has 233 pages, is BIG, and you can easily insert US letter or Din A4 paper without the sheets sticking out at the edges (and you will insert some sheets and notes in the course of time). Obviously, you can use any notebook you like.