The Spanish School

Many things have been told about the mysterious “Spanish Magic School”. The why’s and who’s that make this particular school of magic so different to what us rest-Europeans have. What is it?

When I was touring in Spain, I couldn’t see too much difference in the “general magician” in comparison to what we have in Germany, or Austria, or, in fact, almost anywhere in Europe. Nice people, not so nice people, hobbyists, amateurs, professionals. The same as everywhere. Light and shadow. I realised a lot of the rumours we heard here were just that: rumours. The magicians in Spain also “cook only with water”, as we say in Germany.

What I did see was a difference in the (typical mediterranean) way of tackling magic. They are more sociable, they treat each other a bit different, they exchange ideas maybe a bit more freely, and they are heavily influenced by the great thinking of people like Ascanio, Tamariz, Anton, Carroll, DaOrtiz, Benitez, Benatar, Varela, and so on. The list is endless.

And what I saw was the difference in attacking the theoretical aspects of magic. Thorough and solid psychological approaches, deep thinking from the heart, always with the focus on how the spectators will experience the atmosphere and the show emotionally. The search for the “True Astonishment”, the search for the “Magic Rainbow”.

A great magical culture. And a great theoretical foundation they stand on. Time for us to dive in and soak up the vast magical theory these lovers of magic produced.

A good thing overdue is to write a petition, signed two thousand times,  and send this to Tamariz and the other responsible guys at the Escorial in Madrid to open up the Journals of the Escorial for all of us, and let us participate in the knowledge, and let us read and absorb what has been collected for over forty years.

It’s totally worth it, will change your mind, and it will make you a better magician.

Let’s open up the cultural exchange, and not look at each other jealously or distrustfully. Let’s be the European Community!