Three Simple Questions

Sometimes, I wonder why it is so difficult to battle the monkey brain (I love this concept of the monkey brain; it gives you a reason to have a combat on a daily basis). It is so easy when you ask — before attempting anything — yourself three simple questions:

1. WHAT is it exactly what I want/need?

2. WHY do I want/need it?

3. HOW am I going to make it a reality?

These three simple questions solve a lot of trouble in advance. I give you an example.


1. What is it exactly what I want/need?

I want to do a “World Magic Lecture Tour,” starting in 2020.

I want to travel to as many countries as possible, do as many lectures as possible, and meet as many magicians as I can.

I want to be on my own and free of my “normal” life and surroundings for at least six months.

I want to make new friends and see old friends I have not seen or met for a long time.

I want to show my thoughts, tricks, and routines to as many magicians as possible, and share that material with them.

I want to perform my show URBAN STREET MAGIC at times on this trip, and fine tune it.

I want to conduct workshops with the magicians that are interested in.


2. Why do I want/need it?

I believe sharing one’s knowledge is important for me.

I enjoy getting to know new and interesting people, and I am fascinated to see how they tick, and to hear (and learn from) their points of view, which are hopefully different from mine.

I want to broaden my mind.

I want to have fun.

I need a challenge.

I want to improve on English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

I will promote and sell my book NOTAS, my blog, and the other stuff I have.


3. How am I going to make it a reality?

I would make this like a camping trip, globetrotting in a small bus where I can store all the stuff I need to magically survive the trip. I would be as flexible and independent as possible.

I would make up the contents of the lecture, prepare some stuff for sale (because the trip must be financed through the fees at lectures and sales).

I would send out the information to all the clubs I can reach and send them information and promotion, in time.

I would prepare my blog, the online business and everything, so that it can be managed by me without hassles while being on the road. I would be accessible 24/7 for my magic friends, even when on the road.

I would sort and organise everything needed for a mobile office.

I would  prepare for the blog to be a travelling diary, and fill it daily with buzz from this trip. With this, I would have a reason to regularly visit the Internet and stay in contact with all.

I would try and find someone helping me in finding a suitable cute bus, and some other small stuff I need to transport me and the needed stuff.

I would find or contact the magic dealers that would be willing to corporate with me, so I could organise the distribution of my stuff for sale, and wouldn’t have to carry everything with me.


Sounds like a to-do list?

It is!

And now, you and I know what I want.