Why Tai Chi is Good For Magicians

Channing Pollock brought this to my attention many years ago. In a lecture in Germany at the Magic Hands Convention, he only touched on the subject briefly, and yet it was the statement that has remained in my mind to this day.

Thereupon I took up Tai Chi, and in the following period my Samurai act came into being. Since then I have been practising Tai Chi almost daily.

Here are the benefits that Tai Chi can offer a magician:

You can do it anytime and anywhere without equipment.

It increases general well-being.

It helps you to develop a strong focus ability.

It calms and strengthens the nerves.

It helps with stage fright.

You stay limber.

The movements become more supple.

Balance improves.

It vastly improves breathing (and thus also the voice).

If you practice Tai Chi before you practice your magic, you will see an enormous difference in the quality of your magic practice sessions.

Enough reasons to get involved with it.