With A Snap of The Fingers

It’s an issue that has been bugging me for decades. Every time I see someone doing it again, I get the puke: the snapping of fingers just before the magic happens.

And it doesn’t matter who is doing it, and it doesn’t matter if it’s my friends or not (my friends know I’m the first one to open my mouth and suggest it to them), and it doesn’t matter if the trick is good or not. When fingers are snapped, the magic of the trick is also gone in a flash (at least for me).

I have no idea when this shit started or who was the first. In any case, we find it continuosly in the magic literature: “Snap your fingers and show that the card has returned to the top.” And the majority of magicians do what the instructions say and mindlessly snap their fingers.

Lately, I had been intensively involved with the blog THE JERX. In doing so, I discovered that the author hates this topic as much as I do!Unlike me, however, who only complains, he provides an excellent, thorough analysis and, above all, solutions and alternatives to finger snapping, all of which are very good.

So: please get off your ass and make the effort to read his articles on this, and above all make the effort to finally stop this damn finger-snapping. Magic really deserves better. The proposals in THE JERX are a first, important step towards that.

You can find the article here.

Otherwise, just type in “snapping” in the search field and you’ll find more of the author’s thoughts on the subject.